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        Udumbara(Ficus Racemosa) for Diabetes, Menorrhagia, Uterine Bleeding,
             Abortion, Cystitis and Sexual Debility
- by Johns Diabetes Remedies, Indian
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It is said that ficus racemosa has excellent blood glucose lowering properties when compared with the that of the effect produced by a standard anti diabetic agent. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, ficus racemosa is prescribed for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The skin of the bark is used in Ayurveda to stop frequent urination. Modern studies have confirmed this effect.

According to a study in India (Bhaskara Rao R, Murugesan T, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University, 2002), ficus racemosa bark extract shows glucose lowering efficacy in normal and alloxan diabetic rats. In the study, the glucose-lowering efficacy of a methanol extract of the stem bark of ficus racemosa was evaluated both in normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rats. The methanol extract at the doses 200 and 400 mg/kg p.o. shown significant hypoglycaemic activity in both experimental animal models when compared with the control group. The researchers concluded that the results established pharmacological evidence to support the folklore claim that it is an antidiabetic agent.

According to another study in India (F Ahmed, A Urooj, Department of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, University of Mysore, 2009), stem bark of ficus racemosa shown glucose-lowering, hepatoprotective and hypolipidemic activities in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. The researchers concluded that F.racemosa bark has a significant hypolipidemic and hepatoprotective effect besides being a potent antihyperglycemic agent. Traditionally, udumbara is also said to help treat leucorrhea, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, abortion, cystitis, male weak erection and sexual debility.But we need modern studies to confirm these effects. From the point of view of the traditional theory, ficus racemosa is astringent and pungent.

It has drying properties. This may explain why it can stop frequent urination because an astringent, pungent and drying herb usually reduces fluids (mucus, urine, diarrhea, bleeding, leucorrhea, etc). Udumbara may have a general effect to reduce “wet” and “leaking” symptoms (urine, diarrhea, bleeding, leucorrhea, etc) in the organs in the lower body. Ficus racemosa is sold in forms of powder, tablets, pills or capsules in Indian herbal stores.
Please consult your doctor or an Ayurvedic practitioner before taking this herbal remedy.

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