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Anti Diabetic Activity of FR

Effect of Ficus racemosa stem bark on the activities of carbohydrate
      hydrolyzing enzymes: an in vitro study.

Elemental content of some anti-diabetic ethnomedicinal species of
      genus Ficus Linn. using atomic absorption spectrophotometry technique
Evaluation of Antidiabetic effects of Ficuts Racemosa  Extracts in
       Diabetic induced Rats
Udumbara (Ficus Racemosa) for Diabetes, Menorrhagia, Uterine Bleeding,
       Leucorrhea, Abortion, Cystitis and Sexual Debility – Indian Herbs
Glucose lowering efficacy of Ficus racemosa bark extract in normal
        and alloxan diabetic rats.
Hypoglycemic activity of Ficus racemosa bark in combination with oral
     hypoglycemic drug in diabetic human.
In vitro studies on the hypoglycemic potential of Ficus racemosa stem
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