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Audumbar represents Dattatreya and his incarnations  - Sripada ShriVallabha, Sri Narasimha Saraswati etc. 

Lighting a lamp under an Audumbar with devotion is  a good thing to do and if done regularly can help a person in different ways.Otherwise do a pradakshina of the tree .The Guru Charitra mentions more details about Audumbar. You may read more in section pradakshina .

All trees and plants, specially certain kinds of trees, have a certain energy in them. An old tree often becomes the residence of certain ethereal energies/being. This is more in case of Audumbar Astrologically Audumbar is representative of Venus. When you circle an Audumbar with devotion, and do it on regular basis, some of the energy rubs off into you and creates a harmonious effect. Venus  is representative of Guru.

Doing a homa under an Audumbar  has immediate effects, but don't try this untill you have done sufficient number of homas inside your home.We request all do not cut Audumber tree unless it produces some harm to your home , shop , electric wires , telephone cables etc.

Audumber tree is difficult for plantation , so if you saw a small Audumber sapling , then take it home very carefully, plant it in a carry bag full of soil and cow dung . when you notice new leaves , means it is growing in new environment. After a month replant this  Audumber tree in a better place where there is no harm eg. Near road side , in devalaya, near river, near school , in industrial areas, on hills. We request to all readers please plant 108 Audumber trees in life , by this you can achieve blessings of Lord Dattareya and sayujya mukti.

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