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Udumber in Vastushastra

        Vastu For Planting Trees


Vaastu -Shastra is a Vast and ancient science of living. The word Vaastu is derived from the root .Vas. which means .to reside.. It is not an equivalent of the word architecture. Vaastu is architecture and much more. While architecture is the science, art or profession of designing and constructing buildingsetc., the definition of Vaastu extend into the realm of occultism. Vaastu Shastra, the edifice science of Bhawan Sthapatya Kala, being the applied aspects of THARVAVEDA, is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage.Many factors govern the life of a human being ; his fate, Karma and surroundings.


The banyan tree is best for the east, the pimpal for the west, fig trees is best for the south, wood-apple for the north. But do not plant the same tree in two different directions. Holy plants like chandan, haldi and tulsi are best for the north-east. A tulsi plant is also perfect for a  home’s centre-point or brahmsthan. Just as some plants are beneficial others are harmful. An imli tree, for instance, attracts howling souls into a house. Cotton and silk trees cause a resident to lose his wealth. Gum trees are also bad.

In general almond tree and Christmas trees have a pyramidal shape and can be said to be a living pyramid. So, their plantation in south and west excessive margins is of great importance. As per vastu, south and west side should be heavier than the north and east.
Mango tree represents characterstics of Venus : Venus rules the south-east direction – Aagneya. If there is any problem or dosha in south-east, planting a mango tree is very useful.

Audumber tree, traditionally represents the earth element so its importance to south-west point in a plot will lead to holisite   positivily.  As per the vastu south-west direction governs the earth element.

Aromatic fragrance related plants to north-west zone will naturally give a new dimension to wind- vayu tatwa. South is good for trees and so is west. No tree should be grown in north and east. The one at north-east is the worst. Residents of such homes are vulnerable to serious illness. Small decorative plants and shrubs may be grown in the north and east. Lawns and flower beds should be in north-east. The shadows of tree should not fall on the house between 7am to 11am. The reason is that the auspicious rays of morning sun should not be blocked by tall trees shield the house and occupants from the harmful rays of afternoon sun, when planted in south and west. Except rose and a few medicinal plants, all throny plants give rise to tension in environment. Cactus is worst. Among the beneficial plants the best is tulsi. It is advisable to keep at least one tulsi plant in the north-east area of the premises.

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